A paradigm shift for viewing
product data & shelf management

  • Shrink "Big Data" to a single click
  • Shared services format for store executive, floor staff, and shoppers
  • Contextual, visual, and mobile friendly delivery of insights to staff and shoppers at the right time
  • Underperforming areas and products self-profile with integrated heat mapping visuals and analytics
  • True omni-channel solution with a single data platform
  • Maintain store realograms for less than 20 hours per location annually -- world's fastest realogram service
  • Collaborate between departments and increase space and shelf awareness
  • Reduce related operational cost by over 1000 hours annually per location
  • Aisle iQ integrates with mobile and location-based marketing

“Realogram [is] what the shopper actually sees rather than what is planned. And what matters is what the shopper sees”. -- Kevin Stadler, Symphony EYC



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Simple Store Set-up:

Step 1

Generate Store Data using Aisle iQ technology

Step 2

Data exchange services established

Step 3

Access Aisle iQ to view analytics & optimize product sets